DIY Metal Roofing: Should You Really Try It Yourself?

Especially in our currently struggling economy, Americans are looking for any way to save money. For many homeowners, that means attempting to save money on maintenance and building costs by doing the job yourself. Unfortunately, that isn’t always a good idea, especially if you are wanting to install a metal roof. Here are some reasons you should leave the job to the professionals.

Inadequate installation could lead to more costs, not less.

If your metal roof isn’t installed properly, it won’t be durable enough to stand up to storm damage. Sometimes a poorly installed metal roof requires replacement almost immediately. There are more than 15 types of components that make up a metal roof. Miss one of those steps, and your roof is a waste of time and money.

Lacking the right tools, equipment, and safety measures

Your roof might not seem like it’s that high, but falling from it will almost certainly cause serious injury. Professional roofers have the right tools and PPE (personal protective equipment) to ensure safety of all workers. If someone does get hurt, the roofing company covers their medical expense. If you get hurt on a DIY metal roof, you’ll be footing the bill for medical care.

You could choose the wrong roof

Although all are called metal roofs, there are actually different types of metals used in this type of roofing. Some of the most commonly used metals for roofing are steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc, among others. Choosing the right roofing material for your purposes is the first very important step in getting your roof installed the right way.

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