The Advantages of Having a Flat Roof

Flat roofs are common here in Florida, for good reason. In addition to giving our homes a unique appearance, flat roofs have several advantages over their traditional sloped, shingled counterparts:

Lower construction cost

Flat roofs are less expensive to install than pitched roofs because they use fewer materials and labor. They don’t take up as much vertical space and are useful in commercial projects where controlling costs is a priority.

Less maintenance requirements

Flat roofs don’t need to be inspected any more often than a traditional sloped roof, and since they don’t use shingles, repairs are often less expensive. The high winds we experience during hurricanes and tropical storms are notorious for blowing off shingles, but they’re no issue for a flat roof. Flat roofs are also easy to inspect since they can be walked on without fear of sliding off, so damage is often noticed much sooner than on a pitched roof.

More usable indoor space

Many people don’t consider the triangular attic space created by a traditional pitched roof to be usable square footage because of its awkward design. And, it can be especially difficult for taller people to navigate. However, with a flat roof, that top space in the home looks just like everywhere else, making it much easier to turn it into a liveable space.


Other than installing solar panels, there’s not much you can safely do on a traditional pitched roof, but with a flat roof, it’s like having an entire extra outdoor space. Turn it into a vegetable or flower garden, a rooftop hangout for friends, or anything else that you’d like! Flat roofs really maximize the usable space in densely-populated areas.


That same awkward triangular space created by a sloped roof also traps heat inside the home, which is quite undesirable in our warm Florida climate. On the contrary, flat roofs don’t give warm air anywhere to collect, keeping the entire home cooler.

Flat Roof Installation in St. Petersburg

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