The Important Role Your Roof Plays in Your Family’s Safety

You know your roof protects your home from the elements and adds aesthetic value to your home, but do you really understand the role your roof plays in your family’s safety and comfort? In fact, your roof plays two important roles beyond protecting your home from water and storm damage.

Protecting your family from critters

Having a cat is a great way to keep small critters cleaned out of your home, but if you don’t have one available, your roof can be a great barrier to stop them from getting in to begin with. A well installed and sealed roof will take away access points for mice, squirrels, and even birds. 

A well-sealed roof made of insect resistant materials can also help cut back on infestations such as ants, mosquitos, and termites. Birds may still make nests in overhangs and such, so you should still keep an eye out.

Benefiting your family by offering superior insulation

If your roof is installed correctly, it will provide a huge amount of additional insulation for your home. This can make it easier to heat and cool, which lowers utility bills and frees up funds for fun family activities. 

Better insulation also means that you and your family are better protected in case of a power or fuel outage. If your heating or cooling system is suddenly disabled due to storms or basic need for repairs, the increased insulation will help maintain the temperature in your home longer.

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