Why Are Shingles the Most Popular Roofing Material?

shingles roof floridaAsphalt shingles are by and large the most popular roofing material in the great state of Florida. Even with several other roofing materials readily available on the market, asphalt shingles still reign supreme. But why? There are lots of reasons shingles are viewed as the best roofing material in most applications, including:

1. Affordability

Asphalt shingles have long been the gold standard for roofing application and are widely available nationwide, so their cost is lower than all other roofing materials. While the cost of different types of asphalt shingle roofing can vary greatly, it’s hard to beat them overall in terms of cost-effectiveness.

2. Versatility

Asphalt shingles can be used in almost any roofing application and design. They are easily cut into any shape to cover all the creases and dips of your roof seamlessly.

3. Ease of install

Every roofer will be able to install asphalt shingles, so finding someone to install your new shingle roof quickly shouldn’t be a problem. And since shingles are the most common type of roof, your roofer will definitely have all the tools and equipment needed, which helps bring down the installation time and cost as well.

4. Ease of repair

Just like every roofer knows how to install a shingle roof, every roofer also knows how to repair one, and usually for a very reasonable price.

5. Lightweight

You won’t have to worry about making structural changes to your home to accommodate the weight of shingles like you may with different roofing materials, such as metal. Your home was already built to handle the weight of a shingled roof, so a new shingle roof is safer than changing roof types. Less structural changes also equal less time and cost.

6. Long lifespan

Asphalt shingle roofs will last for decades with minimal maintenance. Properly vented and maintained, you should get 20-30 years out of your shingled roof.

7. Interior temperature regulation

Properly installed asphalt shingles will also keep excess heat out of your home by both allowing warm air to escape the interior through venting and reflecting incoming heat from the sun’s rays back out.

8. Weather-resistant

Whether it’s hot, humid Florida temps, dry Arizona deserts, or the frigid cold up north, asphalt shingles can handle it all. When properly installed, they also offer protection from high winds (think hurricanes) and impacts, such as hail damage.

9. Fire-rated

Some asphalt roofs are Class A Fire Rated, meaning they offer superior protection from fires spreading into your home from external sources.

10. Reduction of exterior sounds

Properly installed and insulated shingle roofs can actually reduce the amount of sound that enters your home from the outside. This is very useful if you live near a major highway or other high-noise areas.

11. Algae-resistance

Blue-green algae growth is a big problem for roofers, as traditional wooden roof frames tend to allow algae to proliferate. You can imagine that in a place like Florida, where the air stays moist all year, algae growth is an even bigger issue. Some treated asphalt shingles prevent this algae growth, just look for shingles that specifically mention this benefit.

12. Recyclable

Roofing waste is now recyclable, making past protests about the environmental impact of asphalt shingles moot. Recycled asphalt shingles can be used to make asphalt for road repair or even generate electricity. It’s easy to see why asphalt shingles remain the top contender in the roofing material market. If you are in the St. Petersburg area and thinking about a new roof, the experts at Shon Boswell Roofing can answer all your questions and even set up a free estimate! Call us at (727) 440-5610 to get started today.