Why You Should Get a Roof Inspection After Buying a House

When you go through the process of buying a house, there are a lot of different inspections and appraisals that are needed before closing. These inspections are meant to make sure that there are no hidden surprises after the purchase is complete and you actually move in, but they are not a substitute for having your roof inspected.

Most home inspections that home buyers order do check the roof. But these are not roofing contractors, and they may not be able to really say how old the roof is or whether or not it will need to be replaced soon. The inspectors and appraisers look for damage, wear, and obvious problems, but they don’t really do an in-depth roof inspection.

To get an accurate roof inspection, you really need to contact a professional expert roofing contractor. We can inspect your roof and tell you the following information:

  • The approximate age of the roof
  • When the roof will likely need to be replaced
  • What issues need to be resolved if replacement is not immediately necessary

It is important that you get your roof replaced when needed to avoid further damage to the structure of your home. If your roof inspection reveals that your roof is close to or over 20 years old, you really should replace the roof very soon. Most types of roofing materials, particularly the most common shingles, are only good for up to 20 years. After that, they really begin to break down quickly.

A roof inspection is also important because a professional roofer can give you insight into the care of the roof before you bought the house. For example, some people choose to install their new roof themselves, simply laying over the previous roof. This is actually not recommended. You should remove all layers of the roof before laying a new one. Your roof inspector can tell you if the shingles you can see are the shingles you have or just the uppermost layer.

If you are interested in a roofing inspection, contact us today.